Welcome, Friends of Mascoma!

Shoppers, we’ve made a cool change to our popular Pennies for Change program! Join us as we welcome Friends of Mascoma to our list of local recipients you support throughout the year.

What is Pennies for Change?

In the summer of 2016 we launched a roundup program to collect donations at the registers for local nonprofits. Called Pennies for Change, the idea was quite visionary at the time, and we were one of the first in our region to do anything like it. As expected, Co-op shoppers made it a huge success, and today you have donated nearly $1.3 million to people throughout the Upper Valley.

What’s New?

Pennies for Change has always had 5 recipients—3 Food Access Partners that remain static throughout the year (LISTEN Community Services, Upper Valley Haven, and Willing Hands), and 2 Community Partners that rotate monthly. This year we added Friends of Mascoma to our list of Food Access Partners, while a different Community Partner will continue to be featured each month.

Why the Change?

Friends of Mascoma (FOM) services a HUGE area! Their food pantries support families facing food insecurity in Enfield, Canaan, Grafton, Dorchester, and Orange. They have a primary food pantry, a mobile food pantry, and a food pantry in the local high school that provides food to children from all 5 towns.

While these towns are FOM’s primary focus, they also do all they can to support anyone in need in the Upper Valley. They have a very active and engaged board (we love these people!) that does a TON of outreach and promotion throughout the region. Finally, they work very closely with all of our other Food Access Partners, so they’re a natural fit with our mission to combat food insecurity in the Upper Valley.

Thanks, Shoppers

Pennies for Change wouldn’t be anything without you. Thank you for all your years of support, and don’t forget to roundup at the registers if you are able!

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