The Co-op News is the Hanover Co-op blog. Though the blog format is new, the Co-op News has been around in some form or another since 1936.

The Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, also known as the Co-op Food Stores, is a member-owned consumer cooperative owned by more than 30,000 families. Anyone can shop, member or not. We began in 1936, when 17 Dartmouth College professors and their spouses formed the Hanover Consumer’s Club. Annual sales reached $11,404. Today we have locations in Vermont and New Hampshire, with sales of more than $70 million.

Communicating regularly with members has been a priority for the Co-op since its inception. From the beginning, volunteers edited, mimeographed, and delivered — by bicycle — two informational bulletins per week to all members. Over the years, the mimeographed sheets evolved into a printed publication called the Co-op News, which in turn evolved into the blog you are reading now.

The Co-op News is dedicated to fulfilling our mission of education and outreach that’s been a part of our Co-op from the very beginning. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Send us an email at comment at coopfoodstore dot com or drop a message in the suggestion box at any Co-op Food Store.