Questions About the Lebanon Village Marketplace?

Dear Co-op Members,

Like many in the Upper Valley, our Co-op has been concerned about the reported closing of the Lebanon Village Marketplace, a close-knit neighborhood grocery store near Colburn Park in Lebanon. According to the company’s Facebook page, the store will close today. Some of you may have questions, so with that in mind, let me offer what I know.

First, a word about the store. The Marketplace has been downtown Lebanon’s lone grocery store, one that has served the community for many years. Many of our members and employees still remember when the store was called Butson’s, which closed in 2003. The property sat quiet for years until it reopened as the Lebanon Village Marketplace in 2005. Since then, it has been a convenient source of staple groceries for many people in the Upper Valley, including senior residents at nearby Rogers House.

City officials, residents, and the Upper Valley business community want to see thriving businesses, and here at our Co-op, we are no exception. So what is our Co-op’s role and involvement in this issue?

First and foremost, we are hoping this isn’t the end of the Marketplace. The store has been a great local business and an asset to the community for many years.

Second, we hope to meet with city officials, the mayor, and other local partners to discuss any plans for this important community resource. Our goal is to offer help, expertise when we can, and to be involved in discussions.

Finally, this is still a relatively new development. Many voices have yet to be heard regarding the Marketplace. Our goal is to join others and be part of the conversation, and to look for both short- and long-term solutions. We have reached out to the mayor’s office and are awaiting a response.

Want to talk more about this? Reach out to me anytime. I’m happy to share what I know, and as always, my door is always open.



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Ed Fox

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