Why Is There a Shortage of Equal Exchange Bananas This Week?

From our friends at Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange wants to provide our customers with relevant updates and to make sure you are aware of any and all delays and disruptions that may impact the small farmer supply chain that you support.

Equal Exchange sources bananas directly from farmer co-ops in Peru and Ecuador. This year, Peru has experienced unprecedented flooding, leading to disruptions in shipping as well as ground transportation for supplies such as boxes.

What this means for Stores: Stores will likely see shortages of Equal Exchange branded organic fair trade bananas during the week of March 13 as well as potentially see Equal Exchange bananas in other boxes for the next week or two.

Bananas will have the Equal Exchange stickers on the bunches as well as the FLO fairtrade sticker. Other that the type of box, the fruit is identical to fruit customers have received in the past—organic, fairtrade and small farmer grown.

Check out a video about the flooding below:

We are working to get Equal Exchange bananas back in their boxes and back on the shelves very soon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly at 774-776-7361 or email operations@okeusa.com.

In cooperation,

—The Equal Exchange Produce Team

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