Whether it’s Ham or Lamb, You Can’t Go Wrong at the Co-op!

by Greg Marsh

Well it’s springtime here in New England, and with Easter right around the corner, so comes the tough decision. Do I serve ham or lamb for our family dinner?  Mega-carnivores like myself might just say both. However, if you’re one of those still on the fence and can’t decide, I’m here to give you all the options you’ll need.

First, let’s start with ham.  The Co-op has plenty of offerings to satisfy any type of shopper.  If you’re someone who prefers a natural/antibiotic free-ham, we have hams spiral-cut, and boneless hams from McKenzie.  Now, if you are looking to support a local producer, we offer hams from Garfield’s Smokehouse of Meriden, NH, and also North Country Smokehouse of Claremont, NH. (Not available in all locations.) The Co-op Meat Departments also offer plenty of other options from McKenzie, Boar’s Head, and Triple M. Here is a delicious recipe you can do yourself at home, and definitely impress your dinner guests!

Now, if your preference is for lamb, look no further than the Co-op Meat Departments for the very best quality lamb legs, nice and thick-cut lamb loin chops (great for the grill!), or make your own creation with some fresh ground lamb. Starting on April 18th, the Co-op Meat Departments will have all three of those options on sale! All of our lamb is raised in the U.S.A, and carefully prepared by our Co-op team of meat cutters. Our larger locations, such as Lebanon and Hanover, will also feature (in limited quantities) our local lamb, brought to us by our long-time friends and producers Ben and Grace Machin of Tamarack Farm in Corinth, VT.  Ben and Grace—who just welcomed their 2nd child (congrats!)—have supplied the Co-op with the finest quality lamb for more than 10 years now. Their lamb is available in very limited quantities, so you’ll want to get your orders in as soon as possible! Here is another tasty recipe, that’ll go great with our lamb loin chops!

Hopefully, I have helped make your meal choice easier. With so many great, fresh meat options from the Co-op, there’s always something for everyone. And if ham or lamb aren’t your thing, our Co-op meat cutters are more than happy to suggest and prepare something else to fit your taste buds!

Have fun, and eat well my friends!

Greg Marsh is a Co-op merchandiser.


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