What to put on your local lettuce?

You’ll up your nutrition level if you make dressing instead of buying it!
The base of this vinaigrette I learned from my great uncle Jake, though it is used by countless chefs and food bloggers alike and I’m not sure who originally made it up. Spice it up as you please!
As Uncle Jake mentioned many years ago, sometimes this is better to make ahead of time, because the olive oil thickens in the fridge and creates a creamier result. You’ll definitely want to store this in the fridge. However, if you find that your dressing becomes solid, simply give it 20-30 minutes on the counter to “warm up” before serving. Here’s a trick to remember to do this… take out the dressing before you prep anything else for the meal! 
Simple Homemade Vinaigrette
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Vinegar (apple cider or balsamic are my favorites, champagne or rice wine are also great)
Dijon mustard
Optional Ingredients:
Diced shallot
Finely chopped garlic
Maple syrup or honey
Finely dice shallots and garlic, if using, and set aside.
Combine EVOO, vinegar, and Dijon in a 5:2:1 proportion. Once you have made this a few times, you don’t need to measure. The importance of the proportion is the emulsion: you want a dressing that appears to be creamy and thick when shaken or stirred.
Once proportion is correct, add shallots, garlic, and a dash of maple syrup or honey if using. Stir or shake before serving and enjoy! 
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