We Want YOU to run for the Co-op Board!

Don’t buy another kitschy holiday item until you’ve read this important announcement

It’s the holiday season! The time of year we think about yummy food, festive gatherings, funny-looking sweaters and other seasonal garments, and of course, running for the Co-op Board!

To some, it may seem patently obvious why running for the board of a not-for-profit, collectively owned grocery store is a really awesome idea. But maybe, just maybe, not everyone is hip to how cool this gig is. To quote the great philosopher Scatman Crothers, let me elucidate ya.

An actual person wishing he had run for the Co-op Board

Behind the scenes of every co-op is its board, a tenacious, dedicated group of women and men who agree to take on a metric ton of responsibility for little or no personal gain. Obviously, this self-sacrificial, altruistic approach to governance is a novel idea in this day and age. So why would anyone do it? My friend and colleague Kevin Birdsey, a Co-op employee and Board member, wrote a great post about that here.

Action shot of a Board member voting for something

Our Co-op serves a lot of people, employs hundreds of Upper Valley residents, and gives local and regional food producers a thriving market for their wares. It’s been an important community resource for more than 80 years. These days it’s led by new ideas and new energy. Now all we need is you. The forward-thinking members of our Board are charged with leading this organization into the future so it can serve many generations to come. Aaaaaand they get to go to meetings!

The election isn’t until next spring, but the process starts now. Word on the street is you would make a great Board candidate. (Lookin’ at you, random person!) Get started here.


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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at kdavis@coopfoodstore.com.