Vermont Adopts The Most Comprehensive Plastic Ban in The United States

Vermont’s “single-use product law” goes into effect July 1, 2020. The law bans Vermont retailers from offering single-use plastics to customers, including plastic straws, plastic stirrers, and grocery bags. The ban also includes polystyrene dishware, egg cartons, and take-out containers. Plastic bags will still be available for loose fruits and veggies. Retailers may also provide paper bags at checkout, but the law requires retailers to charge customers 10 cents per bag.

Remember: This law does not apply to New Hampshire stores. 

Do you have other options if you shop the WRJ Co-op Food Store? YES!

  1. Ask for a box at checkout (as long as supplies last).
  2. Indicate at checkout that you would like to put your groceries back in your cart.

Helpful tip: Bag your groceries in your reusable bags once you bring your cart to your car. Once you’re home and your groceries are unloaded, wash your reusable bags in hot water and dry thoroughly.

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Ken Davis

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