This Month, Celebrate Soup for a Great Cause

The #1 Reason Soups Are So Awesome!

They Offer Great Hospitality! Knowing you have half a pot of soup in the fridge or freezer or a few well-portioned containers may be just what you need for those impromptu invites or to drop off at a friend’s house.  

During the week of March 8, we invite you to create that feeling of hospitality in your own home while raising money for a great cause—The Friends of Mascoma Foundation. These beautifully wrapped bowls + soup or mug + soup kits will be available at the Hanover and Lebanon Stores for $10.  

We have collaborated with our friends at AVA Gallery and Art Center, who generously donated their time and artisanship, recycled clay, and solar-generated, kiln-baked soup mugs and bowls for this special fundraiser. The handcrafted ceramics bear the AVA logo and contain a family-size package of dried soup mix from Sierra Soups.  

 Who benefits?

All proceeds from youFriends of Mascomar purchase will be donated to the Friends of Mascoma Foundation. This organization is committed to combatting food insecurity through the Friends Feeding Friends program, designed to decrease food insecurity and increase food access to all residents of the Mascoma Valley Regional School District. Learn more here.

Our Partners

A special note of thanks to our friends at AVA Gallery. Heidi Reynolds, Executive Director, responded with enthusiasm regarding this project and Tyler Morrison, Pottery Studio Steward extraordinaire, embraced the idea and committed his creative energy and that of other AVA artists to bring this to project to fruition.

AVA Gallery and Art Center

AVA is unique and embodies the concept of local and environmental sustainability.  The gallery and art center nurtures creativity by cultivating opportunities for artists of all ages and abilities through on-site education, programming, and partnerships with other artists. As a local partner, we recognize the importance of supporting the organization’s mission as we navigate through these challenging times. Learn more here and here

Sierra Soups

And lastly,  a special thank you to Sierra Soups, a family-owned business based in Fresno, California, that has been making soup mixes for over 20 years. This company is committed to the idea of creating a product that provides a shortcut to homemade family meals, with high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow directions. The company generously donated these delicious soups for this fundraising event. Learn more here.

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Ken Davis

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