The Courageous Avocado Growers of PRAGOR

Along a rugged, 135-mile stretch of the Pacific coast in Western Mexico, there is the wondrous land of Michoacán—an area of inland waterways and rich farmland known as the avocado capital of the world.

When powerful corporate interests and drug cartels made it difficult for growers there to compete or even make a living, a spunky, progressive group of small-scale avocado farmers banded together to form PRAGOR.

Co-ops and Human Rights

PRAGOR farmers collectively control the entire avocado process, from growing to exporting. And thanks to our friends at worker-owned co-op Equal Exchange, we’re proud to bring PRAGOR avocados  to you.

“We became commited to Fair Trade because we believe it is lifesaving. It assures a fair price and that makes the producer feel safe.” —PRAGOR


According to Equal Exchange, PRAGOR is composed of 20 producer members who each own an average of 10 acres of land, all 100% organic. Many of the members transitioned to organic 10 or more years ago, a revolutionary move at the time.

Courageous cooperative farmers at PRAGOR must also navigate an obstacle course of drug cartels, entrenched corruption, and corporate control to bring U.S. markets their delicious Fair Trade avocados. These farmers’ strength and perseverance is a lesson for anyone committed to working for change in the world.

To learn more about PRAGOR, look for displays in our stores and read about the obstacles PRAGOR farmers face on Equal Exchange’s Small Farmer, Big Change blog.


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Ken Davis

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