Snow and Ice is Coming. Let Us Get Your Vehicle Ready

Your car loves you and longs to be pampered with motor oil.

That’s not a squeak your car or truck is making. It’s a little voice. A little voice that says: Please, dear owner, take me to the nice, trustworthy people at the Co-op Service Center. Take care of me the way I take care of you. Let strapping mechanics in dark blue work pants adorn me with fetching winter tires and a warm layer of undercoating.

That feeling you get when the snow tires are on.

Our Co-op Service Center is busy this time of year, and taking appointments now. Oil changes, snow tires, winterizing, regular maintenance, major repairs, et cetera. (We even have those cool winter windshield wipers!)


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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at