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As you know, I regularly turn over my GM report space to one of my colleagues. Today, I’m turning this space over April Harkness, the Co-op’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Manager to update you all about some very important work that we’re about to undertake.

This work is a critical part of building a better future for our cooperative. This is only the beginning of a long-term commitment to understanding our history and looking forward to our future. I’m excited about the possibility.


The Co-op is about to embark on a journey of change. As many of you may know, we’ve been thinking about how to undertake the huge concept of learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion and what it means to us as an organization.

Many of our employees and members have long been committed to this important work and we want to build on that commitment.

There are so many reasons this is important, but the main reason is frankly—you—our members and employees. We want everyone to feel welcome, safe, heard, included, valued, and a part of a community bigger than themselves.

To help with our understanding we’re going to be working with a highly experienced firm based in Manchester, NH. We can’t do this work alone. Our General Manager, the Board or Directors, and the members of Co-op’s Lighthouse Committee, our internal DEI group, are committed to this. Here’s a message from the Lighthouse Committee:

“Employees throughout the organization have been working diligently to help the Co-op grow into the best version of itself. To help with this effort, Deo Mwano and his team at Deo Mwano Consultancy will be coming to each location beginning the week of August 22.

His goal is to get to know as many employees as he can in order to help us incorporate input from all perspectives.”

We’d like to introduce Deo to you now! Deo has a special message for the Co-op. Please take a look at his website to learn more about his approach, his team, and his experience working with other organizations.

These conversations are just the beginning of co-creating solutions together. We look forward to sharing updates with you as we move forward.

—April Harkness

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April Harkness

April is the Co-op's ESG Program Manager. Contact April at aprilharkness at coopfoodstore dot com.