Saying Goodbye to Ed Fox

On April 10, 2020, Ed Fox will leave his position as our co-op’s general manager. 

I first met Ed in early 2018, when I began attending board meetings as a potential candidate for Board of Directors. I had the opportunity to observe him in action as he responded to comments and questions from Co-op member-owners and board members, and I was immediately impressed. Soft-spoken and unfailingly polite, he displayed genuine patience and respect, even when faced with questions and attitudes another person might have found confrontational. Yet, he was no pushover. He held his ground, speaking with confidence born of strongly held principles and carefully thought-out plans. 

Thank you, Ed, for your years of service to the member-owners, the customers, the employees, and the community.

Since joining the board of directors in May of 2018, I have come to know Ed well. I have learned that he is a true servant leader, recognizing and bringing out the best in the senior managers who form his leadership team. Whether through enhanced employee welfare or new programs that benefit members, the community, and the environment, Ed has encouraged continuous innovation and improvement. At the same time, he has shepherded the Co-op into financial strength and stability that will serve us well as we face the future.

Now he is moving on, and we, the members of the Board, will miss him. With the current situation, we couldn’t give him a proper in-person tribute at Annual Meeting, nor will we be able to take him out to dinner or stop in at a going-away party to wish him well. But the sense of loss and the heartfelt gratitude for all that he has given to us and to the Co-op is not diminished.

Thank you, Ed, for your years of service to the member-owners, the customers, the employees, and the community. Thank you for the many ways in which you’ve set an example of true leadership and camaraderie. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your experience and your straightforward honesty in all things.

We wish you all the best.

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Rosemary Fifield

Co-op Board President Rosemary Fifield is a long-time member, foodie, author, and the Co-op's Education Director Emerita. Contact her at

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