Rold Gold Pretzel Recall

Products recalled for potential of undeclared peanut allergen.

Frito-Lay is recalling select Rold Gold Tiny Twists, Rold Gold Thins, Rold Gold Sticks, and Rold Gold Honey Wheat Twists due to the potential for an undeclared peanut allergen. 

Affected packages have “guaranteed fresh” dates ranging from June 28, 2016 – August 23, 2016 on the front of the package.

Directly underneath the “guaranteed fresh” date is a 9-digit manufacturing code that includes the numbers “32” in the second and third position (example: x32xxxxxx). Products that do not include this are not impacted.

The following products with the dates and codes described above are impacted:

Rold Gold Tiny Twists – 1 oz. , 2 oz., 16 oz. and 20½ oz.
Rold Gold Thins – 4 oz. and 16 oz.
Rold Gold Sticks – 16 oz.
Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided – 10 oz.

If you have purchased a recalled product from the Co-op, please return it for a refund. For more information, see the fda website

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Ken Davis

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