Reducing Our Impacts

Recently we’ve received a few comments on offering our customers plastic bags as an option for their groceries. Why are we doing this, when plastic is bad for the environment? Shouldn’t we be the first grocery store in the Upper Valley to get rid of bags completely and rely on our shoppers to bring their own?

The answers to these questions are not always easy, or might not be what you’d expect. As a Co-op we’re here to supply our members with what they want, and with 24,000 members, that’s not always an easy task. While some of our members would support a bag charge or bring-your-own bag policy, others love our plastic bags. So what do we do? We offer our shoppers information about the choices they have.

This month in the Education Displays in our Hanover and Lebanon locations we’re focusing on choices customers can make to reduce their impact. From the eco footprint of paper, plastic, and reusable bags to a new Upper Valley composting program, our hope is that our customers will be informed about their choices and look for ways they can reduce their impact.

Check out some images from the in-store displays below.

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Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers is the Co-op's member education manager. Contact her at erogers at coopfoodstore dot com.

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