Four GM's

Recognizing The People Who Came Before Us

In my career here I’ve worked with three great general managers—Terry Appleby, Ed Fox, and Paul Guidone. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them all, and I’ve learned so much from all three of them. Each inspired me in his own unique way and helped me to formulate my vision—to see the cooperative system as a pathway to a better world.

This week we officially say goodbye to Paul Guidone, who retires April 30. I’ve been sitting on the leadership team with Paul for many years, been a part of every tough decision the team had to make throughout the pandemic, and can now reflect on this experience with a sense of gratefulness.

I admire Paul for his analytical mind and courageous decision-making, and getting to work with someone of his skill level and talent has been a great privilege for me. Like Paul, I also recognize that what makes it all possible is the amazing network of people here who devote their lives to caring for the communities we serve.

An important part of building something together is recognizing the people who have come before us. Sir Isaac Newton summarized this idea by expressing that, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” I’m a firm believer in this sentiment, and that our work is built on the work of those who preceded us.

So thank you to Paul and to all of the GMs who have come before me, and thank you to all of our employees and members for the contributions you make to our cooperative community.

I’ll take the reins this weekend, and I look forward to continuing to build on the foundations of those who came before us.


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Amanda Charland

Amanda Charland is the General Manager of the Co-op Food Stores. She was first hired as the Co-op's Sustainability Coordinator in 2012, and joined the Co-op Leadership Team as Member Services and Outreach Director in 2014. She earned a Master's Degree in Cooperative Management in 2017, and she was promoted to Director of Cooperative Engagement in 2018. She was hired by the Co-op Board of Directors as General Manager in 2022. Contact her at

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