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As the hero of your own story, your life is just one big, crazy adventure: go to work, eat lunch, enjoy long afternoon meeting with some IT guy … why, the drama never ends. What to do when you need to unwind? Slow down and enjoy a cool picnic! 
In honor of warmer weather (and because we raffled away a really nifty wagon, pictured below), we recently asked followers of our Facebook page to share their favorite picnic spots. 

Hannah Brilling, Co-op nutritionist and professional stunt wagon driver, demonstrates a daring hands-free technique. Please do not attempt at home.

Our thanks to everyone for the excellent suggestions. We happily present them here, virtually unedited. (Well, except for the one that called a dam a damn. We just couldn’t put the word damn in a blog post.) Enjoy and see you out on the meadows and riverbanks.

Some Awesome, Fabulous Picnic Spots

  • The big rock island on the far side of Grafton Pond, accessible by canoe or kayak only.
  • Cole pond in Enfield or my back yard with all my pets!! 
  • In Montpelier at Hubbard Park there are awesome shelter picnic areas. This is my favorite picnic area. And its a beautiful place with fun trails to do a little woodland walking and enjoying nature. And if you are lucky you will find the stone lookout tower 🙂
  • Silver lake in Barnard vt
  • LaSalette Shrine in Enfield NH
  • Nathan’s Garden
  • My kiddos are older now and don’t join me for picnics, but I still like to hike to the top of Balch Hill in Hanover. I miss the picnics at the top and I surely miss the energy of the kids 🙂
  • Boston Lot Lake in Lebanon. Love that you can get to it from lots of different starting points, depending on how far you want to hike in. Great for a swim when there in the summer.
  • Our favorite place to have a picnic is at our town beach on Lake Sunapee. 
  • Anywhere is perfect as long as my sweetheart, children and grandchild are sitting on the blanket with me.
  • St. Gauden’s under the birch trees at a Sunday concert.
  • Anywhere with a great view. 
  • My own backyard is my favorite spot. I am lucky to a view of Mascoma Lake and all the comforts of a staycation.
  • Our favorite picnic every year is at the Post Mills Balloon Festival! 
  • Under tall maple trees in the front yard in afternoon shade. 🌳
  • My favorite picnic spot is our yard. Our house is on 12 acres of woods, on a mountain. Nature is just outside our door.
  • My favorite place is on a beach next to the ocean. I can hardly wait!
  • The Wilder Dam picnic area. We used to have family reunions there as a kid. Great memories.
  • Union Village Dam in Thetford VT, our two baby boys love all it has to offer to them 💕 many generations of memories here
  • Grafton Pond in NH is a beautiful place for a picnic – either on the shore or one of the islands
  • For a local location – Dolly Copp, for something a little further – the Portland Head Light.
  • Any where near a brook! Love the sound of nature!
  • At the beach on Cape Cod and the Hartland Dam.
  • Mascoma Lake after biking out on the rail trail.
  • Charlotte’s town beach on Lake Champlain.
  • My backyard…green grass with an amazing view!
  • Picnicking on Balch Hill is always the BEST!
  • Lake Pinneo is a nice place to picnic.
  • Cole Pond in Enfield – picnic and a nice refreshing swim!
  • Anywhere with nice grass and a good view!
  • Lake pinneo
  • Saint Gaudens!
  • Corbin Covered Bridge, Newport
  • Post Pond, Lyme
  • Our yard!
  • Gotta be Grafton Pond!
  • Cannan street lake
  • Sandbar at Crystal Lake in Enfield
  • Mascoma lake
  • I love the rail trail in Lebanon.
  • All of the state parks have amazing places to picnic.
  • Oliver Island on Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH
  • On a rock in the middle of any river 🙂
  • Top of Mount Peg, Woodstock, VT
  • My kids swing set platform
  • At the beach by my summer house
  • Sand Bar State park in Vermont.
  • At an outdoor music festival
  • Frenches ledges meridian nh
  • Indian pond Orford N.H.
  • On top of a mountain
  • Groton State Park
  • North Hartland dam
  • Silver Lake in Barnard.
  • Faulkner Park in Woodstock, Vermont.
  • In my yard in Orford 

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