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Our primary job at the Service Center is to take care of people by taking care of their vehicles. For example, a couple of weeks ago, a regular customer came to the Norwich Service Center for his car’s yearly inspection. His family has one car, shared among two adults and two teenage drivers, and the car just passed more than 200,000 miles on the odometer.

The family has to work hard and budget carefully to make ends meet, and our team has been taking care of their beloved old hatchback for years.

After the inspection I came out to speak to him and he said that he didn’t know what he’d do without us, a sentiment our team has heard from many people over the years. I love this sort of community connection, and believe it speaks to who we are as a Service Center team and as a cooperative as a whole.

As a co-op, our job is to provide vital goods and services for our members and communities, and transportation is a huge component of that. Many people can’t get to work, get to school, or pay the bills without a reliable vehicle.

Our Service Center team takes that role and responsibility seriously, and I can’t say enough about their dedication, especially in the current climate.

Like many businesses, we’ve been hit hard with staffing shortages, and everyone has been doing more with less.

Here is a quick snapshot of what our teams have been up to:

  • The Car Connections program continues to thrive. The program is founded on the idea that there is a strong link between reliable car ownership and economic opportunity, particularly for struggling families.
  • We’ve upgraded our waiting room areas and customer workspaces to create a more open, pleasant, and vibrant environment. Many customers tell us they like to work from there even after their repairs have been completed.
  • We recently hired an additional Service Writer/Alignment Specialist to help us keep up with demand and schedule customer appointments sooner.
  • We’re gearing up for tire and undercoating season, and we’re scheduling many appointments for our popular rust inhibitor service.

Moving forward, our staff has many plans for the future. We hope to launch new products and services, and grow our Car Connections program to serve even more Upper Valley families. Much of this will depend on staffing levels, which we all hope will return closer to normal soon. Until then, we’ll keep doing what we do, thankful to be part of such a great cooperative community.

—Jimmy Kidder
Service Center Manager

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