On Shin’s Exceptional Awesomeness

Meet On Shin. Be happy. Find bliss.

If I were to give the world a gift, I’d give it a shot of On Shin. Irrepressibly cheerful, contented beyond measure, On Shin has been a mainstay in the Hanover Co-op Front End for years. (And she also has a wicked-cool name.)

Tired of the pat, gratuitous responses you get when you exchange pleasantries? Invite a little bliss into your life and ask On Shin how she is doing. You won’t get a “fine,” or a nausea-inducing “busy” (bleh), or even the New England standby “good’n’you?” Instead, On Shin will respond with a poke in the eye of convention and a unique, thoroughly On Shinish commentary on the state of the universe: “It’s a beauuuuutiful day, my love! Best day in the world today! And how are you, my dear?”

One day I was walking through the Hanover Co-op parking lot when On Shin, in boots and bonnet and summer dress, offered me something from the picnic basket she uses for a lunch box. I politely declined and ended up in a conversation with a member while On Shin took a seat on a bench outside the store.

Looking over the member’s shoulder, I couldn’t help but notice what On Shin was doing. Each time an acquaintance walked by, she offered something from her picnic basket. It happened over and over, until she finally set her basket on the ground and relaxed against the back of the bench.

Then it hit me what had happened.

One bite at a time, On Shin had given her lunch away.

After my conversation with the member was over, I walked on to my car thinking about On Shin. As I did, I saw her still sitting on her bench enjoying the last few moments of her lunch break: irrepressibly cheerful, contented beyond measure, her picnic basket sitting empty in the glow of the afternoon sun.

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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at kdavis@coopfoodstore.com.