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I love my job as the Co-op’s Nutrition Specialist. Our Co-op’s Ends statements include community outreach and education, both of which allow me to attend events around the Upper Valley (the photo is from a demo at the Upper Valley Senior Center), teach free cooking classes, sample healthy recipes, and always provide unbiased, science-based information to anyone who asks.

As I often get questions about where and when I might be places, now you’ll know what I’m up to over the next two weeks:

This Friday I will take part in the White River School’s Health fair, running nutrition activities with pre-K through fifth graders. Next week I will be at another school health fair at Dothan Brook School.

On Sunday, the education team (including myself, Lindsay Smith, the Co-op’s Food Educator, and Emily Rogers, the Member Education Manager) will bring healthy samples to Flavors of the Valley.

Hosted by Vital Communities,
Flavors of the Valley runs from 11am-3pm
this Sunday, April 9th at Hartford High School

I can’t believe I’ve never attended this event before, and I’m so excited to be a part of it this year. Check out their website for more information and come say hello if you attend!

Please reach out if you know of an event coming up in the community and think I should be there! Or if you know of a wellness need in the community that is not being addressed. Or if you just have a nutrition-related question, find my contact information in my bio at the bottom of the page. 

Some of you may have seen me in stores these past few months sampling products and healthy recipes. I will continue to do so—stay tuned!

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