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Check out the new line of awesome earth-friendly cleaning products in our Lebanon store. Learn more about why we’re so impressed and think you will be, too.

According to our friends at Full Circle—the NYC-based producer of inspired, eco-friendly home-cleaning products—there’s a big prolem in the United States, and it can be illustrated by sponges.

Consider this: if every U.S. home throws away just one plastic sponge each year, then 120 million of the things would end up in the landfill. Since each would take 1,000 years or more to break down, that comes out to … um … a really big number. Lots of zeroes. Say it ain’t so, sponges!

A discarded plastic sponge for every U.S. household is a bit hypothetical, of course, but it does give a snapshot of how a simple cleaning product can have such a devastating impact on the environment. American homes are filled with sponges, mops, brushes, and other sundry cleaning supplies that end up in the landfill every day. Fortunately, consumers have the power to make choices that make a difference, and here at the Co-op, we hope you’ll chose Full Circle.

A variety of Full Circle products are now available in our Lebanon store. Here’s why they impressed the heck out of us and we think they’ll impress you, too:

Great People

In Thanksgiving of 2007, a group of friends with experience in sustainability, marketing, and product design got together with the vision of transforming the simple products we use to care for our homes. A short time later, Full Circle was born.

It’s no wonder we love these people! Bright, conscientious, full of big ideas, Full Circle founders created a line of wonderful planet-friendly products that quickly gained a foothold in an industry dominated by profit and not by environmental concerns. The folks at Full Circle also practice what they preach, and invest resources into an education and information program to help consumers make smarter choices for themselves, their families, and the planet.

Even the name is cool! To quote the company website:

The name Full Circle comes from our philosophy that a product’s life cycle should be cyclical rather than linear. Products made from materials that come from the earth can have long, functional lives, and then return from where they came, rather than collecting in a landfill.

We know. What’s not to love, right?

Certified B Corp

B Corp, people! B Corp! Think of a B Corp like a Fair Trade certification—it means a company cares enough to do the right thing.

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet tight standards of responsibility. Full Circle is a B Corp, which means the company is committed to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’re big fans of B Corps, and B Corp certification goes a long way with us.

Amazing and Thoughtful Product Design

Look around your house. How many of your cleaning products are out on display? Nada, right? Most of us hide them away in the bathroom closet or under the sink, and with good reason. But Full Circle products are so beautiful, colorful, and well-designed, you won’t be afraid to leave them out so you can get to them easily (even if company is coming over).

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