Monday Motivation: Happy Vegetables

Yesterday a vegetable of great import landed on my kitchen counter: this happy onion.

Friends, I don’t have to tell you the great significance of this event. Consider:

The day started off as a typical Sunday morning at my house, with a conversation among the family about what to watch that evening for family movie night. After a brief discussion, we settled on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. (We’re at the tail end of a Potter marathon. sniff.) Potter and pot roast had a nice alliteration to it, so we decided on pot roast for dinner. Co-op pot roast, of course. Woot!

My wife breaks out the crock pot and starts chopping the potatoes, carrots, and onions. The sound of violently severed root vegetables fills the air. Then, suddenly, the cheerful onion appears. It was magical, like something right out of Hogwarts.

Are all onions this smiley? Do all pungent, edible bulbs possess these jovial qualities? My wife and I agreed we had never seen anything like this before. Hence, we decided this onion was, dare I say it, enchanted. Perhaps a great witch or wizard had even put a spell on our onion, we wondered. (Say it with me now: “Onionus jocularus!“)

Anyway, enchanted or not, we ate it just the same. The meal was great and the movie was, too. Good food is like a good movie, I’ve noticed. Even when it’s over, the magic lives on.

Happy Monday.


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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at