Little Elf Workshop Saturday!

In much of holiday lore, elves are short, gnomish, squeaky-voiced creatures with funny hats and shoes who only want to chuckle warmly and make toys. (Aspiring dentists are a notable exception, of course.) Yet in Lord of the Rings, elves are beautiful, statuesque, bow-slingin’, blade-wielding, goblin-whuppin’ folk who enjoy the fine art of poetry and song. How do we reconcile this discrepancy?

OK, Which is it?

Well hey, does it matter? Elves are cool, no matter what. That’s why this Saturday we’re channeling our inner elves with a Little Elf Workshop for kids ages 5-13! 

Co-op Little Elf Workshop

When: Saturday, December 9
Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Instructor: Lindsay Smith
Cost: $25 Member and Non-member

Join us this Saturday as we turn the Co-op Learning Center into a holiday workshop where busy little elves can make presents to put under the tree. We will provide free gift wrapping with name tags. There will be 4 gift projects that will include culinary, ceramic, canvas, and beauty products.

Guardians are welcome to stay and help, or let the little elves do the work! Preregistration for a workshop time slot is appreciated, but space permitting, you can also pay at the door. (Our recommendation? Don’t wait! Preregister. Co-op classes are popular and can fill up fast.)

Preregister here. Learn more about all our awesome holiday classes at


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Ken Davis

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