Jehshua’s Chimichurri

Light, local, and a hoot to pronounce.

Entertaining visitors for the holidays? We’ve got a recommendation to augment your food cred. Bonus points: it’s fun to say.


“Welcome, random family member from Boise. Want some chimichurri?”

Chimichurri is getting nothing but love around the Co-op these days, thanks to Jehshua’s Specialty Foods of Norwich, Vermont. 

The brainchild of Hanover, N.H., native and former Hollywood actor Jehshua Barnes, Jehshua’s Chimichurri is a light, tangy sauce that gives a unique kick to meats, seafood, veggies, and pretty much anything else you can dream up. It’s a rising star in our local line-up, a condiment extraordinaire, and a flavor that’s been wowing Co-op chefs, shoppers, and staff since its introduction in our stores nearly two years ago. 

One cool afternoon, I spoke with Jehshua at the Lebanon Co-op, where he was sampling his chimichurri near the front door. He is affable and quick to laugh, with lively eyes. He wore a patterned shirt with a tropical design.

For me it was a typical shopping day with two children in tow, but for Jehshua it was one more opportunity to promote a flavor and culture he loves. “Chimichurri is native to Argentina but popular throughout South America,” he told me. “I love introducing new people to it and talking about it.”

What is Chimichurri?


Still something of a rare find in the United States, chimichurri is an Argentinian condiment or sauce similar in texture to pesto. The basic variety comprises fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, oil and vinegar, and a dash of chili pepper. For culinary artisans like Jehshua, though, the variations are endless.

In Latin America, Jehshua says, chimichurri often serves as a marinade for grilled meats or a sauce to perk up pasta, but the possibilities are as far-ranging as the creativity of the chef.

To learn more, check out Jehshua online.

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