Invasion of the Eighth Graders 2015

They’re smart! They’re funny! They’re chock full of creative energy! And on a cool April day, these go-getting 8th graders once again found themselves at the Co-op for Job Shadow Day—where they taught the old whippersnappers who worked there a thing or two about the collective wisdom of the millennial set.

Written and illustrated by Emma Sawyer, 8th Grader
Hartland Elementary School, Hartland, Vermont

Hi, I’m Emma, and I came to the Co-op for Job Shadow Day.  I like the idea of graphic design and was very happy when I was placed in a graphic design job. I have learned a lot about web design and what a graphic designer does, and I’ve only been here for an hour!

Before today, I hadn’t really realized exactly what the job title “Graphic Designer” had meant, something along the lines of sitting in an office all day and working on websites. In reality, graphic design is actually a lot more.

I shadowed Ken Davis today, and he showed me how his job also is about communication and problem solving. I also realized that many of the things I am currently learning in school would help me to pursue this job. Even math. (Yes, that’s right, math actually is useful to all sorts of things. Don’t tell my algebra teacher I said that–she might get the wrong idea.)

Finally, thank you to the people who made job shadow possible. This was a great experience for me. It also strengthens my theory that people who work behind the scenes are the best and keep the world running.

Editor’s note: Want to regain your faith in humanity? Your hope for the future? Spend your day with a bright, creative young person on Job Shadow Day. I never let them shadow me. I shadow them. I turn them loose then watch in wonder. Thanks to our amazing pals at UVBEP for pulling it off. —Ken Davis, Co-op Outreach Department

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