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Heavy Rains Are Flooding Farms. Here is What You Need to Know.

This year, Concord, N.H., experienced its rainiest July on record, with more than 13” of rain. Many other communities in our region have experienced similar extremes, which comes as no surprise to many people. Both the extreme drought of 2020 and the excessive rain of 2021 can be linked to climate change, and many of our local farmers have felt the brunt of the impact.

Looking for a local favorite and can’t find it in our stores? Heavy rains may be the culprit. Here is just a partial list of farms and crops that have been impacted by the deluge this season:

Deep Meadow FarmWindsor, Vt.
The farm lost portions of its kale crop in the last rain, leading to delivery delays of at least two weeks.

Generation FarmConcord, N.H.
Fields of mixed greens were flooded, ruining the crop planting.

Crossroad FarmPost Mills, Vt.
Heavy, driving rains hit the ground so hard it showered the farm’s head lettuce with mud. The mud was so difficult to remove that it made the lettuce unfit for retail markets.

Edgewater FarmPlainfield. N.H.
Hard rains brought the strawberry season to an abrupt end! These delicate fruits were badly bruised, ruining berries and causing mold. Our friends at Edgewater have also struggled to save parts of the broccoli crop, with smaller heads that are not ideal for retail.

Killdeer FarmEly, Vt.
There have been a few gaps in both cilantro and spinach this season, primarily due to the all the rain in the fields.

What should shoppers know about the impact of rain on our local growers?

  • Some crops may be delayed or not available at all, depending on the amount of rain at each farm.
  • Produce may not look quite as “perfect” as expected, since the rain and lack of sun can impact sizing or shape.
  • As we like to say around here, we don’t support local agriculture—local agriculture supports all of us! As a result, during a tough growing season, it’s even more important to support our local growers. Your local purchases help these farms stay viable!


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Sarah Simpson

Sarah works as a Produce Category Manager in the Co-op Merchandising Department. Contact her at ssimpson at coopfoodstore dot com.