HCCF Golf Outing

$10K! Can You Believe It?!?

Co-op Employees and Cooperative Partners Raise More than $10,000 for Community Projects and Scholarships

You may have recently read about the Co-op’s Hanover Cooperative Community Fund (HCCF) and Gerstenberger Scholarship fund. These funds are made available because of interest returned on a large endowment that helps cooperatives from different sectors across the country.

The HCCF supports local community projects, while the Gerstenberger Scholarship supports local residents interested in cooperative learning

How does the Co-op raise funds to contribute to this endowment?

One way is through a generous rebate program in partnership with Black River Produce. Another way is through a golf tournament. On September 14, 2023, Co-op vendors, business partners, and employees gathered under sunny skies at the Country Club of New Hampshire at the base of Mount Kearsarge to participate in the 2023 HCCF Golf Tournament.

HCCF Golf Outing Employees

By the end of the day, the tournament raised more than $10,000 in sponsorships, playing fees, raffle prizes, and donations.

HCCF Golf Outing 2023

Special thanks to Northeast Credit Union and Associated Grocers New England for being major sponsors and participants in the tournament. And thank you to the HCCF Planning Team and employees that worked and played the event.

We’ll see you again next year.

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April Harkness

April is the Co-op's ESG Program Manager. Contact April at aprilharkness at coopfoodstore dot com.