Hanover Co-op board takes stand against SNAP “Harvest Box” proposal

Board of Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. Resolution

RESOLVED, that the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. (HCCS) Board of Directors is opposed to next year’s federal budget proposal to eliminate SNAP (Food Stamps) for the following reasons:

The budget proposal to replace roughly half of SNAP benefits with delivery of boxed food to eligible recipients is unfair and unhealthy.

The majority of people who benefit from SNAP are children and the elderly who cannot and should not be compelled to work in order to feed themselves.

With the minimum wage at $7.25, it is impossible for many workers to provide adequate nutrition for their families.

The change dramatically reduces the amount of fresh food recipients can receive by reducing their choice of foods.

The proposal does not accommodate people with special dietary needs. It takes away agency and disrespects poor Americans.

The proposal will increase food insecurity and food deserts and have a negative impact on local economies.

Mandating work requirements victimizes people who cannot find a job in this economy.

Around the nation, the current SNAP program brings nutritional benefits to vulnerable people while spreading the economic impact of SNAP purchases among many retailers.

We oppose any cuts to SNAP. More healthy food should be available and SNAP should not be privatized.

We, the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. Board of Directors are opposed to the current proposed federal budget and support restoration of and increase in the SNAP program.

William Craig, President
HCCS Board of Directors
March 8, 2018

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