Handy Guide to the Lebanon Co-op Upgrades

** UPDATED 10/15/21**

Due to refrigeration issues and a much-needed upgrade there will be a limited availability of Dairy items now-Oct. 25 (Lebanon Store Only).

A few milk and egg varieties will be available during this time, but most of our products will be unavailable while the work is being done. We promise to get everything back to normal asap, and you’re going to love the end result. Thanks for your patience!

Lebanon shoppers, we’re upgrading your store! Our end goal is to create a better customer experience and a more energy-efficient space. The Co-op is committed to net-zero emissions by 2030, so this is a big step we need to take to help us get there. 
We’re working hard to minimize disruptions on your shopping experience. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect: 


Step one is to convert our refrigerant to a planet-friendly option. That’s done! Over three nights in May, we upgraded to a new blend with a lower global warming potential (GWP) than traditional refrigerants.


Step two is to replace our HVAC system. Work will begin in late June and will continue for several weeks. The new system will be far more energy efficient and will keep our store nice and comfortable for many years to come.  
You can expect little to no impact on your shopping at this point, as most of the work will be done overhead and at night. 

Late Summer to Early Fall

Step three is to replace all of our refrigerated cases. We’re breaking this down into 13 sequences, tentatively scheduled for one each week or so. Bear with us, as we’re going to have to be nimble here. If you’ve ever done a big home improvement project, you know what we’re talking about!
The new cases will be brighter, larger, and more efficient, with all-LED lighting and more shelf space for plenty of new items and old favorites. Not only will the new cases reduce our emissions, but you should also be able to find what you need faster and easier. 
This step will have the biggest impact on shopping as we relocate products while we install the cases. 

Late Fall

Step four is the final phase, and we can’t wait to see the difference it makes. We’re replacing all the overhead lighting, swapping everything out for a shiny new energy-efficient LED system. (Begone, fluorescents!) 
The entire project should be wrapped up by mid-November at the latest. We look forward to a bright, beautiful store.

Pro Tip: Shop Online!

Want to skip the construction? Don’t forget that Co-op members have a great option in Groceries-2-Go. Our popular curbside pickup program will be completely unaffected throughout this project. Order online, and we’ll do the shopping for you. We load your groceries, you chill in your car. 

Learn More

If you ever take a moment to look up when you’re in the Lebanon Co-op, you’ll see the store was designed to be beautiful, with open spaces, exposed beams made from old local railroad ties, and a skylight to welcome the morning sun. This is our first significant modernization since we opened the store in 1997, so the project is long overdue.
Want to know more? Email comment@coopfoodstore.com and we’ll answer all your questions. Thanks for your patience!
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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at kdavis@coopfoodstore.com.