Here Are the Fruitcakes You Should Try This Year

Fruitcake: All the fun of bread, only fruitcake-ier.

Nothing says holidays like fruitcake, everyone’s favorite much-maligned sweet bread. To all you fervent fruitcake fans out there (looking at you, random Norwich guy I was talking to the other day), here are two delicious suggestions.

Old Cavendish Fruitcake

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Vermont-made, old-fashioned, packed with pure fruits and nuts, and sweetened with Vermont honey. Made with just a smidgen of King Arthur Flour

Our friends at Old Cavendish soak these little babies in generous measures of liqueurs, giving them a rich taste and texture. 

Dresden Stollen


A cousin to the fruitcake, stollen is a delicious bread made with candied or dried fruit, nuts, and sundry spices. 

Stollen dates back to the early Middle Ages and is believed to have first been made in Dresden, Germany. Dresden-style stollen is the benchmark of them all.

Our stollen comes from the legendary Dresden Stollen Bakers and features the finest raisins and fruits soaked for days in pure Caribbean rum. 

Serving Ideas

Speaking of fruitcakes, your extended family is coming for a holiday visit, right? Impress your guests with your innovative fruitcake serving skills!

Suggestions from foodie and Co-op nutritionist, Hannah Brilling:

Try with a piece of Vermont cheese and a cup of dark coffee or hot tea. 

Serve with a dry cider from Farnum Hill Ciders to offset the sweetness. 

Serve with nuts (buy cheaper in bulk!) to balance the sugar with some healthy fats and protein.

For a sweet pairing, serve with a glass of rich, fabulous, glass-bottled eggnog from our friends at McNamara Dairy

For another sweet pairing, serve with a dessert cider like an iced cider from Champlain Orchards or Eden Iced Cider

Pair with plain-roasted pears or local apples. Spray a light layer of canola oil and place wedges of fruit on a baking sheet, 425 degrees for 40+ minutes.



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