Fedco Seed Catalogs Are In

Catalogs are in and available at all the stores at the customer service desks.

There are many reasons to read and order from Fedco.  First is that Co-op members get 20 percent off Fedco seeds and 15 percent off gardening supplies. Take a look at the online catalog here:


In order to qualify for the discount, you must turn your completed order in to a Member Services desk at Hanover, White River Junction, or Lebanon by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2020.  Why such a generous discount? Fedco is a sister co-op in Clinton, Maine.

I think that Fedco has dependable seeds from my many years of experience. They are among the least expensive seeds available in different quantities as well.  Many of the seeds are organic if that is what you prefer. There are all kinds of soil amendments, pest controls, tools, growing supplies and books and tubers. The descriptions of the plants are unparalleled. The downside is that the catalog is so large and has such fabulous descriptions that it can take a long time get through.  You can actually learn a lot about agriculture and gardening from the catalog. I love to try new seeds every year for my large vegetable and flower gardens.

For a shortcut and to see photos of the vegetables and seeds, go on the website, but the catalog has wonderful and humorous graphics. To see an example of one description of the delicious Paul Robeson heirloom tomato, go here: https://www.fedcoseeds.com/seeds/paul-robeson-organic-slicing-tomato-4060

Pick up your catalog as soon as possible and get going on your order.  Make sure the instruction page is included and get started. You won’t regret it.

Happy gardening from the Board.

Liz Blum
Vice President
Co-op Food Stores Board of Directors

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