Co-op Members, Thank you for Your Votes!

Despite the unprecedented combination of a worldwide pandemic and an uncontested election, hundreds of Co-op members nonetheless turned out for another robust Board of Directors election this year, with 788 votes cast.

It wasn’t the largest turnout in Co-op history, but it was enough to give our organization a strong and valid election, which speaks volumes about our membership’s commitment to cooperative democracy.

The following candidates were elected to three-year terms:

  • Jennifer Byrne, 666 votes
  • Conicia Jackson, 670 votes
  • Ryan Madden, 623 votes
  • Orin Pacht, 604 votes

Write-in candidate and board veteran Rosemary Fifield was elected to a one-year term, with 76 votes.

Co-ops have a long, rich tradition rooted in democratic principles. Cooperatives are democratically governed by their member-owners, who are represented by the Board of Directors. Board members are accountable to the membership, and all members have equal voting rights—one member, one vote.

To quote Co-op General Manager Paul Guidone, writing in a recent letter to the membership:

“ … cooperative leadership in a democracy is indispensable. There will always be people who have a vested interest in attacking the integrity of the democratic process.

It is up to us to show, through action and example, that we value our own cooperative democracies.”

From all of us on the Co-op Board of Directors and the Election Committee, thank you to all of our members who voted in this year’s election. We look forward to counting the votes again next year!

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Board of Directors

The Board represents all the member-owners in developing and maintaining the vision and long-term viability of the Co-op. Learn more at If you have any questions or comments, please email the board at

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