Co-op Board of Directors Election: Q and A

by William Craig, President

Q: What’s the right number of candidates for a Co-op Board election?

A: Sure, the bottom line is, “At least one for every open seat!” But our Co-op always aims higher than the bottom line.

Our governance policies say that, “To insure a competitive election, the board will strive to recruit a sufficient number of applicants to provide for two more candidates than open Board positions.” (GP 6.1.4)

All through the eight-decade history of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, members have elected Board members to represent their views on Co-op issues and opportunities. Members make elections meaningful by becoming candidates who can offer a range of ideas and opinions.

This year’s election will fill four Board seats. So, yes, we need six candidates to meet our community’s standard of self-governance.

Q: How many candidates are running?

A: We’re delighted to report that, as of last count, nine members have volunteered to run for the Board!

The Board thanks these nine members. They’re making a generous gift of time and effort to represent Co-op members and employees. We hope you’ll join us in thanking them by paying close attention to the coming campaign, which culminates in April voting. The campaign officially kicks off at the February 28 Board meeting, when the Election Committee presents the candidates to the Board. Please come and meet them! They’re running for all of us.

Bill Craig

Board president

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Board of Directors

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