Buying Local, Cultivating Community

Spotlighting local at the Co-op this summer

On a pristine Upper Valley back road, by a rolling river, there sits a farm, Edgewater, where owners Anne and Pooh Sprague will tell you they can’t imagine their farm staying in business without the Co-op.

“The Co-op has been a real asset to small farmers such as ourselves.” —Pooh Sprague, Edgewater Farm

The Co-op shares the sentiment. We stay in business thanks to Edgewater Farm and hundreds of other local and regional farmers and food producers who bring us their wares each day. Edgewater sits on 170 acres of farmland located on the rich plains of the Connecticut River Valley. It’s one of more than 250 local and regional food producers that supply our stores throughout the year.

This summer, the Co-op is celebrating the harvest by spotlighting our commitment to local products and to the people who produce them. It’s a commitment that represents local cooperation at its finest—a model in which farm and Co-op serve one another for the benefit of the surrounding community.

What Will We Be Doing?

In addition to in-store information, there will be education events, demos and tastings, and regular posts to our blog. In short, there are many ways to learn more. We invite you to get involved, and help us spread the word that buying local cultivates community!

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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at