Give The Boss a Treat Today!

You’ve got some serious sucking up to do.

It’s National Boss’s Day!* Today we pause to honor those brave, tenacious people who are really awesome even though they have an irritating amount of control over our lives. How should you suck up to the big cheese? Bring her coffee, of course!

Our recommendation: Co-op Coffee. The cool thing about Co-op Coffee is it completes the circle of a fully cooperative supply chain. An awesome farmer cooperative in Mexico grows the beans. Equal Exchange, a worker cooperative, buys the beans and sells them to us. We sell fabulous Co-op Coffee to java-loving shoppers like you. Then you bring a great cup of coffee to the boss and get a HUGE raise! (Please note: the Co-op does not actually guarantee you will receive a pay increase.)

Co-op Coffee is organic, cooperatively made, and fairly traded. 40 cents of every pound goes into a fund to support the good folks at CIRSA, our partner co-op in Chiapas, Mexico. Learn more here and here.

(* Or Boss’ Day. Or Boss Day. Or Bosses Day. Whatever.)


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Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the Co-op's senior copywriter. Email him at