Board Update: New Board Members

The Co-op Board will be at full strength on May 24th at our 6 p.m. Board meeting at the Lebanon Store. We welcome Ann Shriver-Sargent, Tom Battles and Don Kreis as new Board members and welcome back Liz Blum and Benoit Roisin. It is fortunate that we will have twelve active and extremely capable Board members since we will have a full schedule for the coming twelve months as we evaluate many new initiatives being implemented by GM Ed Fox and his team. Our three new Board members bring important skills to the Board: Ann Shriver-Sargent is a successful entrepreneur with experience in the tech industry and retail business; Tom Battles is an educator who spent a significant part of his career in sales and worked with grocery stores and other food outlets; Don Kreis, an attorney, is a former Co-op Board member and President and is now the Consumer Advocate before the New Hampshire Public Service Commission.

The election also resulted in overwhelming approval of changes to the Co-op by-laws that enhance members’ financial stake in the Co-op and reform the Board election process to expand opportunities for any member to join the Board.

But it is not all hard work. There is also some fun and two of the biggest fun events of the year are planned for this summer. First, the 6th Annual Co-op Food Store Golf Tournament will be held at the Crown Point Country Club on Wednesday, June 14th. Thanks to dedicated Co-op Staff who spend hundreds of hours of their time in organizing and operating this tournament, the Co-op raises many thousands of the dollars to benefit local charities. This is a fun day and all members are welcome to join as participants or join the gallery, follow your favorite golfers and enjoy the free food served throughout the course. For details, go to: Second, Saturday August 12th, 2017 is the date of the Co-op’s annual Producers Fair at the Lebanon Store parking lot where you can sample the amazing food of our local producers, meet the vendors and have a wonderful afternoon with other members and Co-op Staff.

All in all it will be an exciting year for the Co-op Board. As always, we do our job bestwhen we know what you, our members, want. So please, let us see you at our Board meetings and hear from you throughout the year. You can contact the Board at: and learn more about the Board at .

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Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers is the Co-op's member education manager. Contact her at erogers at coopfoodstore dot com.

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