Board News: Voting and Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting of the membership of the Co-op was a splendid success due primarily to the amazing work of the Co-op staff. From Joi’s fabulous Mexican corn salad (soon to be a standard feature at the Prepared Food Departments) to John’s serendipitous selection of soda (available in the beverage aisles), meeting attendees got to taste the Co-op, as well as learn about Co-op finances and staff changes from new General Manager Ed Fox. Co-op Staff, Board Members and Board nominees hosted 16 tables, where members could learn more about the Co-op and share their ideas with those whose work makes the Co-op the Upper Valley’s best grocery store and leader in building a true community of residents, businesses, and employees.

The highlight of the meeting was David Zuckerman, Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor and operator of one of Vermont’s most prolific organic farms. He spoke about the importance of citizen involvement in government and how citizens, when they make their voices heard, will have a profound impact. This message was most appropriate for this year’s Annual Meeting whose theme, “A Seat at the Table,” was to encourage members to actively engage with the Co-op to make sure the Co-op serves its members’ needs.

One way to make sure the Co-op remains member owned and controlled is for members to VOTE in the once-a-year election process. This year, although there are five candidates for five vacancies, the one with the lowest vote total will only serve a one-year term. Members are also voting on amendments to the bylaws, 1) to replace current B Shares for B Shares with a redeemable value, 2) to open Board membership to any member who wishes to run for the Board and 3) to extend a Board Member’s term until a new member is seated.

The Annual Meeting was informative and FUN. Hope to see you all next year.


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