Big Awesome Citrus Sale January 4-10

A Co-op tradition Since 1936. Our distributors have located the highest-quality citrus found on the market and purchased it specifically for our customers. 

Product Price Savings
Florida White Grapefruit, 32/40 count $32.99 save $18.60
Florida Pink Grapefruit, 40 count $28.99 save $26.60
Florida Pink Grapefruit, 27 count $29.99 save $31.90
California Navel Oranges, 56 count $35.99 save $41.70
California Navel Oranges, 72 count $39.99 save $39.00
Juice Oranges, 100 count $30.99 save $38.00
Cara Cara Oranges, 20 lb $29.99 save $29.81
Blood Oranges, 20 lb $31.99 save $27.81
Organic Pink Grapefruit, 88 count $49.99 save $38.50
Organic Navel Oranges, 40 count $49.99 save $25.70

Please Note: Organic Pink Grapefruit and Organic Navel Oranges
available at Hanover and Lebanon Locations Only

Citrus Sale Q & A

  • What are the dates for the sale?

This year’s sale will run Thursday 1/4/18 through Weds 1/10/18. 

  • Do I have to be a Co-op member to get the special case price?

No, anyone can take advantage of this sale.            

  • Is the sale available at all stores?

We offer the full selection at Hanover and Lebanon only and a limited selection at the WRJ store.

  • Do I need to buy a whole case?

Yes, the fruit is sold by the case only.

If you are interested in buying a partial case, we suggest splitting with a friend.

  • Can I select any fruit?

There is a basic selection to choose from which includes grapefruits and oranges in various sizes. The items offered will be available on line and in store with signage.

  • What about flavor and quality of the fruit, I would like to know before I invest in an entire case?

We would be glad to give you a sample of the fruit, just check in with the produce department and they can help you with this.

  • What if the fruit is not available when I come in to shop?

Our goal is to keep enough fruit on hand throughout the sale, but sometimes it is difficult to predict what will sell each day. If we do not have the fruit you need you can go to the service desk and get a raincheck for the product.

  • Why do we offer the Citrus Case Lot Sale?

The Hanover Consumer Co-op was formed in 1936 after a group of Dartmouth College Faculty and their spouses got together and put in bulk order for products like citrus, potatoes, and maple syrup. Each January we continue the tradition with our annual Citrus Case Lot sale!

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