Self Checkout at the Co-op

A Sense of Community and Purpose

When we first started looking at self-checkouts, I knew the project was going to have to be highly collaborative for it to work. We don’t have the resources of the large chain stores, so I knew we would have to be at the top of our game in terms of being innovative, creative, and forward-thinking to be successful.

As always, our teams rose to the challenge. To mention just a few of the things that made this project so unique:

  1. People worked across locations, coming together from the stores, the resource center, and multiple departments
  2. Everyone involved was forward-thinking and future-thinking, committed to the idea of building something new
  3. It was collaborative in the best sense of the word, bringing out the best in each person’s experiences and individual skills
  4. The entire process set the stage for the future

I know that many people are like me and want to create something new and special here, and not just put the pieces together back the way they were. With that in mind, I just wanted to take the opportunity today to recognize all of our employees, not only for this project, but for what they bring to the table every day.

I think of this as a prime example of what makes the Co-op great. It’s not the new services or new technology. It’s people working together who pull it all off, giving our work a sense of community and purpose.

Bruce Follett
Director of Business Unit Operations

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