A Remarkable Team at a Remarkable Time

Dear Members,

A quick note of appreciation today. Two years ago this month, I joined our team as a new employee. I’ll never forget how I felt at the time, traveling around from location to location, meeting you and being so warmly welcomed to my new role here. What I met was a group of people who, like me, saw food as a basic human right, and who saw cooperation as the only sensible way to get along in this world.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our members, Board members, and employees for being the extraordinary group you are. Our employees in particular have had their hands full lately. They’ve transitioned us to new computer systems, helped to launch new programs and products, worked under challenging staffing conditions, and gotten us ready for the busy upcoming holiday season. And on top of it all, they killed it at Case Lot! People from everywhere pitched in, because that’s the team we have here.

Ours is an unusual business in many ways, without a clear blueprint for success. We often have to make it up as we go, roll with the changes that come our way, and turn challenges into opportunities. That’s what people do here regularly. It makes me very proud to work here, and it reminds me that the actions of a few can greatly benefit the lives of many. I feel like I’m part of a remarkable team at a remarkable time.

Onward and upward, and my thanks to all of you for all you do. As always, if you want to talk more, reach out to me anytime. My door is always open.



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Ed Fox

Ed Fox is the Co-op General Manager. To contact, email EdFox@coopfoodstore.com.

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