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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Annual Meeting This Year

Members, join us April 2 from 5-7 p.m. at the Cornerstone Community Center in Hartford for our Annual Meeting! Lest you think this is a boring and officious affair, here are the top 5 reasons you’ll want to attend this year.

1. Enjoy great food, of course.

The event is free, and includes a light dinner provided by our own Co-op Kitchen, with a scrumptious 3 pita dip and veggies, homemade mac & cheese, and maple pulled pork. Go ahead and chat up your neighbors at the table while you eat. We won’t care.

2. Get quick updates on what’s new.

Our Co-op has a whole new energy and is up to a lot of new things, and many of the ideas came from your ideas and suggestions. We’d love to tell you all about our DEI work, how you’re helping us to protect and preserve the planet, our investments in new benefits for members and employees, and how we select products to make it easier for you to shop according to your values.

3. Meet the board members, board candidates, and director team.

Here’s your annual reminder that democracies are great! Co-ops are one of the most democratic organizations in existence, and this is your chance to take part. Meet your board candidates, board members, general manager, and director team and share what’s on your mind. You can even vote for a new board right there.

4. Start conversations that can do mighty things.

Did you know that Willing Hands—one of the most successful hunger relief and food recovery organizations in New England—was born at a Co-op annual meeting? Years ago an employee pitched the idea of recovering and donating nutritious food for our neighbors in need, the whole room was buzzing over the idea, and the rest is history. This is what can happen at an annual meeting!

5. Exercise your rights as a member.

Warning, minor guilt trip ahead: Being a member is a great thing with lots of perks, but it also comes with rights and responsibilities. You own this wonderful, storied old business. We can’t run it without you. Be engaged, hear how YOU helped shape our Co-op, and share ideas that spark change!

Please take just a moment and RSVP here.

See you at the Annual Meeting!

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