This Company Wants to Make Composting Easy in the Upper Valley

Composting at home is one of those things that sounds easy, but in actuality can end up being a headache. Compost is great to add to flower and vegetable gardens, and is an easy way to divert food waste from landfills. But composting takes time and energy, and how often can you say that you want to add anything to your list of to-dos?

Making composting easy is the concept behind the compost drop-off program run by Upper Valley Compost Company. Since October, 2017, the Co-op has been helping to pilot extending the program to more households by becoming a convenient drop-off location.

Why compost?

Food waste sent to landfills decays in an environment without oxygen and generates a significant amount of methane gas. While both methane and carbon dioxide are greenhouse gasses, methane traps 25 times more heat in our atmosphere than does carbon dioxide. Composting food scraps utilizes oxygen, which decreases the amount of methane generated from the decaying process, and produces mainly carbon dioxide. Once the composting process is complete, you’re left with clean, nutrient-rich soil that can be introduced back into the environment. 

How does the program work?

Upper Valley residents interested in taking part in a composting program run by Upper Valley Compost Company can sign up directly from the company’s website. The drop-off program is a subscription program that costs $9.99 per month. Participants pick up a five-gallon composting bucket at the Member Services desk at the Hanover, Lebanon, or White River Junction food stores. Drop-off participants are then able to exchange full buckets for empty clean buckets once per week during normal Co-op business hours. How easy is that!

Over 45 days, Jessica from Upper Valley Compost Company collected more than 1,400 pounds of compost. In an effort to make composting even easier and to limit contamination, Upper Valley Compost Company accepts all types of food scraps in its composting buckets, including: meat, bones, shellfish shells, and dairy.

You can learn more about Upper Valley Compost Company’s Compost Drop-off Program at

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Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers is the Co-op's member education manager. Contact her at erogers at coopfoodstore dot com.
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