Stuff-A-Truck Continues Today!

Help us Stuff-A-Truck today, 12/13, at our Lebanon food store

Thanks to all the intrepid shoppers and truck stuffers who braved a snowy day yesterday to support our annual Stuff-A-Truck Food Drive! If you couldn’t make it out yesterday, no worries—the big event continues today. It’s a beautiful day and the food drive is still going strong. 

Look for the Stuff-a-Truck Food Drive today (12/13), only at our Lebanon food store. We are collecting food for our friends at LISTEN Community ServicesUpper Valley Haven, and the Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry

Hunger in VT & NH

According to Feeding America, the nation’s largest anti-hunger organization, one out of nine people is hungry in New Hampshire. One out of eight is hungry in Vermont. Combined, nearly 225,000 people are food insecure in the two states, and the number is rising. Many are working families above the poverty line. Often the hungry are children.

Why are people hungry in the richest nation in the world? The simple answer is that eating is linked to economics. 

The modern food system is a vast, expensive, byzantine web of channels. In the past, people with enough money usually had enough food. But since the recession of 2009, that’s changed. Rising unemployment rates and cuts in social services have increased the number of needy households to record levels. As many as a million people may lose SNAP benefits (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) by the end of 2016. A working family that suffers a loss in income or benefits can become a hungry family overnight. 


You can make a difference! Look for Stuff-A-Truck today at the Co-op’s Lebanon food store and support our friends at Listen, the Haven, and the Claremont Soup Kitchen. Let’s get those trucks filled!

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Ken Davis

Ken Davis

Ken is a writer in the Co-op Outreach Department. Email him at