Pennies for Change

What is administration cost for the new “penny program?”

Thanks for reaching out with your question! There is very little administrative cost for the Pennies for Change program and the cost is actually less than the previous program because the Pennies program is almost entirely digital. Previously, people had to count  all the change in the small collection boxes we used at each register.

 When you check out at the register and select ‘yes’ to participate in Pennies for Change, our point-of-sale system puts your donation into an account. When you look at your receipt you’ll see the breakdowns of departments and how much you spend in each, including donations if you made one during your purchase. The Pennies program accumulates in a donations account and at the end of the month, checks are cut by our Finance department and sent to the non-profits. 

 This program is much easier all around. It’s easier and less costly for the Co-op to track and it’s easier for members to donate (in the first month, members donated over $15,000). 


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