You provide special sections in the stores for dietary needs – gluten free, for example. Will the time come eventually when you will have to provide nano  particle-free  section?  Many foods are now containing such – I am no scientist and don’t know if they are truly bad for us but from what I read, it is likely. The FDA is unreliable in protecting our food supply – or at best, tardy. Is this something that you are watching? The food industry is not going to avoid anything that helps its profits so we rely on stores like the Coop to do its best to stay informed and police what it sells, making sure that it is safe from invisible, high tech possible threats.

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I agree with you that food regulations often fall behind scientific recommendations, unfortunately. In fact, the FDA’s process for approving food additives generally follows the rule “innocent until proven guilty,” which makes me uneasy as well.

In terms of nanoparticles specifically, there have been a handful of studies that independently measure particles in foods, but since there are no mandatory labeling requirements in the United States, there is no way to know which foods contain nanoparticles other than these investigative inquiries. Food manufacturers could have altered their processes/ingredients in the time since these inquiries were made. 

These are some references I found that may be helpful to you in making personal food and beauty product choices:(

What I’m looking for in research is peer reviewed studies using control groups. I have not seen any reliable studies in humans that prove that the presence of nanoparticles in food/beauty products to be harmful. While I wish to personally stay away from them regardless, I can’t use the current information that’s out there to post guidelines for members.

From the sources listed above, I have taken away a few strategies for myself, including avoiding highly processed sweets and beauty products containing titanium dioxide and aluminum. From an environmental perspective, the Co-op is doing everything suggested by “Friends of the Earth”- supporting local farmers and agriculture, promoting whole foods and natural ingredients. 

Thank you for suggesting that the coop provide educational information. I will be on the lookout for news and future research. For the present, I do not feel comfortable providing lists of products that do or do not contain nanoparticles because I would not feel confident in its reliability. Luckily, many of our members already avoid highly processed foods, which seem to be the biggest offenders.

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