Knife Sharping

There is no good place I know of in the region to get cooking knives sharpened. It may sound odd, but I think a lot of families would take advantage of an opportunity to bring in cooking knives and get them properly sharpened once or twice a year. Is this something you would consider offering? It seems like a good fit for the coop, with its emphasis on healthy cooking.

I am happy to tell you that we already offer this service and have for 10+ years now!

You are welcomed to bring up to 3 knives at a time to any of our meat depts. and they can sharpen them for you. You may drop them off at the beginning of your shopping trip and pick up before leaving the store or depending on how busy they are they may ask if you can pick them up another day (doesn’t happen often, but may).  Also be sure to bring your knives in a sleeve of some sort or wrapped in cardboard or newspaper, this is for everyone’s safety.


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