Hanover Store Changes

Hanover Store: We have been Co-op members since 1992 and find the organization to be almost the opposite of what it was back then. Many Employees are curt and appear disgruntled. The facility is poorly kept from front entrance to bathroom cleanliness. Prices are outrageous.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments regarding the newly remodeled Hanover store. I’m very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the results of the renovation. One component of the remodel was to open up the store by eliminating bottlenecks that members have voiced their displeasure about for years. Another major piece was to “Focus on Fresh” and expand our Produce, Cheese, and PFD departments including Sushi. We also added a seating area as you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, in order to do these things it also meant reducing offerings in our center of store. Our teams have worked very hard over the past several months to build sets of products in the new space. We are constantly tweaking these sets to meet the needs of the majority of our membership.

Listening to You
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