Hanover Meat and Chicken

Hanover Store: I used to be a regular customer at the Hanover Co-op. I switched to the Lebanon Store during your construction phase. I am disappointed that you have gone so high end on your meats. Also disappointed not to have chicken in the butcher section.

I have received your comment form in regards to our Hanover location and the changes made within the meat dept.  As you know we have made various changes to the meat department in our Hanover location.  Some of these changes have been made based on prior member requests along with ensuring we offer the best products we can to our shoppers within the new layout of the store.  In the Hanover store in particular we have decided to offer natural, organic, and local meats only in this location for multiple reasons such as member demand and transparency from the farmers/producers (compared to commodity beef) with the products they offer us.  This location had also made the decision to offer chicken in vacuum sealed packaging which is packaged within the store and now offers a longer shelf life when you bring the product home.

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