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Impress your guests with cool, funky co-op posters.

DoneDemocraticMemberControlI don’t remember his name, but I think of him fondly as Big Red.

He was a tall teenager in a grunge T-shirt who was short on attention span and long on everything else: long limbs, long neck, long fingers, long hair. He wore a hat stuffed full of dusty red locks.

Sharp guy, that Red. He had a quirky sense of humor, which belied a serious progressive social ethic. He stood in my office and we talked about the history of the cooperative movement.

It was a story that, surprisingly to me, resonated deeply not only with Big Red but also with the rest of the teenagers who were touring the Co-op along with him that day. Many left committed to becoming future cooperators. Big Red was one of them.

Not long after, inspired by Big Red and our other teenage friends, we whipped up some cool funky co-op posters. They’ve been so popular in co-op nation we created generic versions to share. Copyright free, royalty free, no attribution needed. Share the cooperative love.

Free Co-op Posters

Click on any of the thumbnails below to download a large, full-sized original image:

Our thanks to our good pals at the uber-awesome Davis Food Co-op in Davis, California, for unintentionally helping us think up this whole idea. Go co-ops!

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